Nice to meet you. I'm Jamie Steven.

I serve as the "COO" of Ookla, the definitive source for global internet metrics and the creators of Speedtest. We provide technology and data to 80% of the world's ISPs and mobile carriers, and develop apps used by hundreds of millions of people globally. We're driven by our goal to make the internet faster and more accessible for everyone.

I'm also a Partner/Cofounder of Current Labs, a company that develops remarkable products and help clients with marketing, product and operational strategy.

I specialize in helping startups build, promote and manage great teams and products. Previously, I served as Chief Marketing Officer for Moz and Ookla, in addition to working with several other great companies.

I'm a Node.js developer and the lead instructor of the University of Washington's Digital Marketing certificate program. You can follow me on Twitter or shoot me an email.